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First of all you need to boil water, then add rice in it keeping lower heat, and boil for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally when needed. Seed and julienne the cucumber, and julienne the vegetables. Steam these vegetables at full, except avacado which should be unsteam, over boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes. And let it to cool to room temperature.

Then you need to mix together the vinegar and brown sugar, and stir until the sugar is melted in it. When the rice is fully cooked, stir in the vinegar and brown sugar mixture, and let it cool to room temperature.

When the vegetables and rice are cool enough to handle, lay out the first nori sheet. Place a handful of rice in the center of the sheet, moisten your hands with water, and gently but firmly press the rice to the edges of the sheet so that there is a thin layer of rice in a line on the sheet. Spread a bit of wasabi paste on top of the rice, approximately 1 1/2" from one edge of the nori sheet. Lay vegetable strips parallel to the wasabi in a width of approximately 1" along the wasabi line.

Try to carefully wrap the closest edge over the vegetables, and then roll the nori delicately but tightly so it reaming sealed in wrapper. Seal by moistening the edge of the nori. Once the nori sheet is totally rolled, slice the roll into 6 pieces and place on a platter. Repeat same with the remaining nori sheets and enjoy your vegetarian sushi. All you can eat sushi now because of vegetable ingredients.

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Vegetarian Sushi

6 cups water
3 cups short-grain brown or white rice
Any combination of the following vegetables:
daikon radish
sesame seeds
avocado fresh spinach

2/3 cup rice wine vinegar
6 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 package pre-toasted nori sheets
Prepared wasabi paste

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