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Types of sushi

Sushi is a dish made of vinegared rice mixed with seafood, vegetables, eggs, in the world of nouvelle cuisine; other stuffs are also included like beef to barbecue chicken are being used in the sushi to make it different types. Actually sushi does not mean "raw fish," but "vinegar rice." While much of the fish used to make sushi is raw to give it more energy, some of the items are faded, cooked, roasted, and soaked or sautéed.

Sushi was originally developed as a snack food for those who don't want to eat traditional food much-as the story goes, to serve at gambling parlours so the gamblers could take quick bites without stopping the action but it does not only for gamblers or business community you all can eat sushi for enjoyment because its most healthy food with delicious ingredients.

Though there are quantities of sushi types that mostly people order, in fact it depend on you which combination you choose for you, you can eat it with fish or you can eat it with vegetables.

here are different types of sushi:

Nigiri-sushi = slices of fish or other foods on pads of rice
Maki-sushi = rolled sushi (including handrolls, temaki)
Chirashi-sushi = fish and other items served on top of a bowl of vinegared sushi rice
Bara Sushi = The vinegar rice and ingredients are mixed as a salad
Chirashi Sushi = The rice bed has various layers of fish and is served in a bowl called Gomoku Sushi or Iso-don
Futomaki = This is a large Maki roll that has many different ingredients using Nori, which is a seaweed wrap
Oshi-sushi = squares or rectangles of pressed rice topped with vinegared or cooked fish, made in a wooden mold
Stuffed sushi = including chakin-zushi or fukusa-sushi, ingredients wrapped in a thin egg crêpe;
Inari-sushi = with ingredients stuffed into a small pouch of fried bean curd (tofu)
Temaki = These are cone-shaped seaweed rolls also called a hand roll

You must always keep in mind that some of these Sushi types mentioned above are new sushi recipes from people who love to eat and with creative minds and all of these have become quite popular in all over the world.

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