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For the right presentation of sushi, Sushi should be served on genuine Japanese dishes.  Although the dishes do not have to match, they should all have a Japanese effect.  If you do not have any Japanese dishes, dark colored platters or plates are most acceptable to present the sushi.  If a group of people order from a Sushi bar or restaurant, or if you have a group of friends over for dinner and serve different types of Sushi, you would use a communal platter for this. 

In this situation, a nice presentation would be to serve the Norimaki Sushi in groups of four and Nigiri in pairs, or whatever combination you prefer as long as it is in even numbers.  Keep in mind that if you serve Temaki or Norimaki rolls, you should serve them to your guests first as the ingredients can cause the seaweed to become soggy.

Remember forever it will be prefect to serve a communal platter of sushi but keep in mind that all person should receive their own dish containing each of the condiments. If you are having a Sushi party at home for friends who have never enjoyed the taste or experience of Sushi then you should give them real taste. There are two main types of condiments served are Soy Sauce and Wasabi Sauce, which is Japanese horseradish and quite hot.

Following are commonly used dishes or tools for serving or creating Sushi: 

Sushi Maki - These are small mats made from bamboo and used for rolling the Sushi, which is then cut into circles to eat

Nigiri Sushi Mold - If you prefer to use a mold rather than your hand, this mold is perfect for creating uniform shapes

Lacquerware - Lacquer is one of the primary types of plates or platters used in China and Japan for serving Sushi

Wood Sushi Press - This tool helps create the perfect Sushi roll.  Simply layer in the ingredients, press, and then cut the serving pieces to size.

Sashimi Serving Trays - Sashimi is similar to Sushi except that it includes only raw fish.  However, these serving trays can be used for both Sashimi and Sushi.

Rectangular Servers - If you love having dinner parties or intimate Sushi dinners, these servers are designed with beautiful Oriental design

Dipping Dishes - These dishes are created for dipping Sushi in the Soy Sauce and/or Wasabi

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Sushi Presentation

The interesting thing about eating Sushi is that it can be eaten as starter or main food in a fine Japanese sushi restaurant or snacked on at home.  As sushi contain rich nutrients and low in calories and fat, Sushi makes the perfect food for all so you all can eat sushi.  For this reason, Sushi is served in homes and in sushi restaurants around the globe every day. 

There are three main types of Sushi including Nigiri, which is a small rice mount topped with cooked or raw fish, Temaki, hand rolled cones of seaweed that are filled with rice or vegetables, and fish, and Norimaki or Maki, which is a mixture of rice along with fish and/or vegetables all rolled up in dried seaweed, with all three having the same groundwork of vinegar rice.  For each of these types, the preparation is as unique as the presentation or serving. 

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