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Sushi jobs: If you are expert in sushi making and looking for a job we can provide you best employer for you. Post your skills how much you are expert in making sushi to us and we will upload your CV and let the best employers to catch you.

Best place to find sushi experts.

French Opportunity:-

Sushi Chef for a Sushi-Bar in France

Maximal capacity: 50 places;

Restoring proposing classic Cooking(Kitchen) + Sushi-bar;

Pleasant working conditions; Functional Workplace; New Equipment.

Given, fed apartment.

The seaside; Ideal living environment; Any taken care traveling costs.

Contract under limited-term contract or under permanent contract and rewarding salary. At the beginning of activity in Mars 2012.

Various possibilities (to discuss). Attractive salary.

All the requests are welcome.

Contact:- E-mail:

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