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Nori: This is what styles sushi as a real sushi. It's seaweed but don't think about that. It comes in square sheets. And we suggest you starting off with a whole or 3/4 sheet for each roll. With practice you should be able to get it down to 1/2 sheet per roll.
Rice: Short grained and short grained only please. It's not always easy to find but short grain rice does exist. It can either be called sushi rice or short grain rice.
Sushi Vinegar: You can make this yourself but it's much easier to buy a bottle that says "Sushi Vinegar".

If you want to increase the sushi experience and taste then you need different sauces for it. They can be:

Soy Sauce: For dipping your sushi pieces in. Eating sushi without soy sauce is like french fries without ketchup, it can be done but...eeew!
Wasabi: Mixing a bit of this in your dipping soy sauce gives it a kick of flavor and spice.
Spicy Sauce: Sushi restaurants use spicy sauce. Mix mayonaise (Nayonaise, which is vegan mayonaise), chili oil and a dash of sugar together. It's spicy and lightly sweet and overall great.
Veggies: These are just what we use, give them a shot or strike out on your own.
Carrot: One of the basics. Cut in half then slice each half and then slice each slice into matchstick. It's a bit time consuming but that way you can control portions better. Cucumber, Avocado, Red/Orange/Yellow Peppers, Asparagus, Green Onions

Don't for get to make happy to those who like to eat meat, you can make different types of sushi with seafood and somehow you can use beef along with the Imitation Crab, Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, Salmon.

Some other stuff can also be used in different types of sushi recipes.

Sesame Seeds: Either toasted or right out of the pack, sprinkle these on the rice-on-the-outside rolls. Denise really digs these.
Curry Powder: Denise's brother is into putting all sorts of strange stuff in his sushi.
Chili Power: Same as the curry, give it a shot if you're feeling daring.
Seabreeze Salad: We get this at our local Publix. It seems to be strips of seaweed in some sort of dressing.

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Sushi Ingredients

There are many sushi ingredients which are now included in actual ingredients when sushi was discovered but later on people add more things in it to give a different taste ever time.

You much have these ingredients without these you don't have sushi or you can say it will not be sushi at all.

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