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Chirashi Sushi

Chirashizushi is a dish in which bring with the mixture of seafood, mushroom and vegetables are spread over sushi rice, and this is the sushi type for those who don't want to eat fish of seafood but like to eat vegetables so you can make vegetarian sushi. Chirashi sushi is one of the best sushi type which contain a number of toppings to make if more delicious, commonly called gu, "scattered" on a bed of loose sushi rice. Although chirashi toppings can be nearly anything which you want to make it tasty, pieces of vegetable are the most common on it. One bowl of chirashi has a number of toppings (nine is a common number), and sometimes do not even contain seafood or fish but some vegetables.

Toppings vary regionally.

The rice should be packed enough tightly so that the rice will not break apart when you eat it in one or two bites, but loose enough so that it is not a solid mass, which create problem of chewing. There is difference between chirashi rice which has more vinegar and less sugar than the rice used for nigiri sushi.

Contrary to general faith, the most common type of chirashi in Japan is prepared without fish. But on the off chance that chirashi is served with fish, you might get a lot of it! Sushi Chefs will usually use abnormally-shaped fish that aren't right for nigiri sushi in the chirashi sushi, giving you that extra little last-minute perk. It is a good choice for anyone who is going to a sushi restaurant for the first time and would like to sample a variety of the restaurant's fish.

Chirashi is occasionally served in Japanese homes for a number of reasons. Because it is simple to make, gives you full stomach diet, and is a well-balanced meal with calories. In Japan, where extra time is hassled, and a lot of people first choice is for chirashi sushi as a quick bite to eat with taste. Where fast food is an essential for Americans, chirashi sushi is, simply to eat for all, an essential for the Japanese. In fact, it is so suitable that train station vendors commonly sell chirashi sushi in lunchboxes at railway stations, uniquely packaged for workers or for picnics to make enjoyable with full bellies.

On the 3rd of March, an annual festival called The Doll Festival is celebrated in Japan. The variety of meal prepared for the Doll Festival, which centers around family values of Japan the land of rising sun, is composed of chirashi, clam broth, and a salad with shellfish and green onions.

Chirashi sushi reflects the real taste of Japanese busiest life where people don't want to give much time to food cooking and then serving it. It's better to get make chirashi sushi and take simple bits.

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